The relationship between the speaker unit and the speaker cabinet can be understood this way: if the speaker unit is the voice of the speaker, the speaker cabinet is its body. I believe you already understand the specific relationship, but I guess you still don’t know how to express it specifically.

The main function of the speaker cabinet is to make the sound quality more beautiful, rich and pleasant. The sound cannot be distorted after resonating through the speaker and has high-fidelity performance. The sound produced by the speaker is an audio signal transmitted by a sound source such as a computer, CD player or mobile phone. After amplification by the power amplifier, the audio current passes through the voice coil of the speaker unit under the action of the magnetic field, causing the speaker cone to vibrate and produce the same sound frequency as the audio signal. Finally, the sound waves emitted by the speaker unit resonate with the speaker cabinet, the sound is strengthened, and the volume is amplified.

The speaker cabinet can solve the problem of sound short circuit. The sound effect of a single speaker in a free space will not be ideal. Because at a certain moment, the speaker cone moves forward, the air in front is compressed and the density increases. At the same time, the density of the air behind the cone becomes sparse. The front and rear sound waves are exactly in opposite directions. When the rear sound waves go around to the front, they will be offset. This will make the sound effect of the speaker worse. Install the speaker into the speaker box, and the front baffle of the speaker will separate the front and rear sound waves, providing a normal path for the sound waves emitted by the speaker unit, allowing the sound waves to radiate better, and giving full play to the speaker unit’s performance.

In summary, a good voice needs a good body to support it.

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