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Top 10 Sourcing Agents in China: A Comprehensive Guide 2024

Wanna find the Top 10 Sourcing Agents in China? Here is the comprehensive guide 20024. China has established itself as a global manufacturing powerhouse, offering a vast array of products at competitive prices. However, navigating the complexities of sourcing products from China can be challenging due to language barriers, cultural differences, and the intricacies of

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The Complete Guide to Sourcing in China

There are many benefits of sourcing your products in China. However, it may take time to find the right supplier, negotiate and secure a good deal. Most suppliers often face many issues when finding a supplier or after going into business with one, the product delivered did not match the specifications and was of poor

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How to Perform OQC in China Factory

Performing an Outgoing Quality Control (OQC) inspection at a factory in China involves a series of steps to ensure the quality of the products before they are shipped to customers. Here's a general outline of how to perform an OQC in a China factory: Define Inspection Criteria: Establish clear criteria for the inspection based on

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Statistical Process Control Introduction

What is SPC? Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an approach that helps to monitor and control the output of a process by assessing the stability of the process and the type of variation that is present. SPC charts can aid decisions about whether a process is ‘in-control’ and whether or not an adjustment is

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