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How do you find suppliers?

For most agents in China, they directly find suppliers on B2B platforms such as Alibaba and 1688, and by tapping into our local network. And we have closed connections with local electronics markets Huaqiangbei, most of the reliable store owners selling reliable products. We're not only on that, we will check & audit these supplier

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What services do you provide?

We assist in every step involved in buying from China for any business that needs professional help with sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping. We specialize in product sourcing, custom packaging and private labeling, product development and manufacturing, fulfillment, and logistics. Still we could help you in developing the new products with the factory, and customize the quality standard that aligned with

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Do I need a sourcing agent?

Suppose you have no experience importing from China or multiple products to source from different suppliers. In that case, a good sourcing agent will make the process far easier and more efficient. For instance, people choose goods from the website like alibaba, aliexpress, etc. The goods' quality vary from supplier to supplier, the assembly line

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What is a sourcing agent?

A sourcing agent can be an individual or a company that works on your behalf to source and buy products that you need from other countries. They are physically present in the same country where the suppliers are located. If you want to buy from China, hiring a China sourcing agent and leveraging their network

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