Smarter way of product sourcing in China

Product sourcing that helps you save cost, move fast, grow the reputation and build a brand. We provide you not only cost saving, but also quality products.

We Tailor Our Services To Suit Your Needs

Hi This is Charlie from Product Sourcing China, we 10 years sourcing experience, our services are customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Our teams come from brands like JBL/Harman/Skullcandy, etc. With profound knowledge of quality sense and cost-effective to help you make a smarter way of sourcing in China.

You can be definitely relying on us for any problem, please check on my Linkedin(Charlie) if any questions.

What We Can Do:

Our Professional Team

Our professional team based in Shenzhen China, most of them come from consumer electronics companies, like JBL, Marshall, Skullcandy, Bissell etc. Check my linkedin here. Have professonal quality and developing experiences, can give you advices on developing new products & quality check on the shipments.

Better way sourcing in China

Why I do not want to source in Alibaba?

There are just certain suppliers on Alibaba that are pure scammers or are just selling low quality products, products with defects and etc… That may be the only downside of Alibaba for me. Buying on Alibaba means buying bulk, if you get cheated on by a supplier it surely will hurt your pockets more than your feelings.   -Quoted in Quora ‘What do people not like about Alibaba?‘:

Product sourcing in China could be serious and a long term cooperation, while most of the Alibaba sellers are one-off trade deal. One common concern is the quality of products available on Alibaba, the quality of products can vary significantly.

In this way, you need professional sourcing manager assisting you. But here, we provide more than what you expecting, most of our members have professional background, could give you good advices & helping you expand your products category, and developing your products from 0 to 1.

We believe our professionals could help you succeed in the market.

What kind of products we’re professonal in?

We’re your best choice for product sourcing in China

You can find thousands of sourcing agents in mainland China. But we’re sure we’re the best to help you sourcing in China. Our company consists of a team of knowledgeable and expert people who understand the international market & consumers company quality well.

  • 10 years of sourcing & manufacturing experience to give you better efficiency
  • 100% product quality oriented to help find the best cost-saving products
  • Professional supplier audit & products quality OQC check
  • Big company 0-1 products developing concept
  • Competitive shipping prices so you save more costs
  • Secured payments to avoid payment risks
product sourcing China

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What if I already have a supplier?2023-07-12T05:01:24+00:00

You can have your current suppliers ship your products to our warehouses. We’ll handle the inventory management and order fulfillment for you. In this case, we only charge the fulfillment fee.

Meanwhile, we’ll help to check on every batch goods’ quality before the outbound shipment.

How do you find suppliers?2023-07-12T06:16:20+00:00

For most agents in China, they directly find suppliers on B2B platforms such as Alibaba and 1688, and by tapping into our local network. And we have closed connections with local electronics markets Huaqiangbei, most of the reliable store owners selling reliable products.

We’re not only on that, we will check & audit these supplier before recommendations.

Our goal is to achieve the best results for your business.

What products can you help source from China?2023-07-12T04:58:13+00:00

We specialize in sourcing low-cost consumer goods. Such product categories include but are not limited to consumer electronics, solar panel & accessories, sporting accessories, vaping pods, etc.

We don’t source food, beverages, and counterfeit goods, that we can’t help.

What services do you provide?2023-07-12T04:56:31+00:00

We assist in every step involved in buying from China for any business that needs professional help with sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping.

We specialize in product sourcing, custom packaging and private labeling, product development and manufacturing, fulfillment, and logistics.

Still we could help you in developing the new products with the factory, and customize the quality standard that aligned with factory, and ensure your concept to products.

Do I need a sourcing agent?2023-07-12T04:54:19+00:00

Suppose you have no experience importing from China or multiple products to source from different suppliers. In that case, a good sourcing agent will make the process far easier and more efficient.

For instance, people choose goods from the website like alibaba, aliexpress, etc. The goods’ quality vary from supplier to supplier, the assembly line is different without any controls, it’s hard to ensure everytime you bought the goods are in good quality.

And our team mates in China have big firms background, could help you for the products sourcing in China, providing professional suggestions.

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